= idk.lol
some toys (and the code to build them)

== featured
the coolest toys have links on the @/ homepage@:
- @/luna/@: a clockface showing the current lunar phase
  (@/luna/lunatick.html code@, @/luna/cal.html calendar@)
- @/cat/@: a couple classic chess-related puzzles, themed with cats
  (@/cat/cat.html code@, @/kat/kat.html code@, and @/qat/qat.html code@)
- @/hex/@: correspondence @|wikihex hex@
  (@/hex/hex_game.html code@ and @/hex/hex.html shared code@)
- @/gab/@: gravitating astroid blasting game
  (no keyboard/mouse controls; touchscreen only.
  @/gab/gab.html code@)
- @/gin/@: correspondance @|wikigin gin rummy@
  (@/cards/gin_code.html code@ and @/cards/cut.html more code@)
- @/mdl/@: idk.lol's markup language
  (@/mdl/mdl.html code@)
@|wikihex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hex_(board_game)@
@|wikigin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gin_rummy@

== hackerdoodles
not quite as shiny but exist anyway
- @/util/@: a few of my favorite (javascript) functions
- @/cosmo/@: take the CosmoGhoul quiz and find out which cryptid cutie is your soulmate
- @/qyn/@: a cute not-quite quine for html view of source code
  (and @/qyn/01.html steps@ @/qyn/02.html to@ @/qyn/03.html build@ @/qyn/04.html it@)
- @/conway/@: conway's game of @|wikigol life@ (@/conway/gol.html code@)
- @/breathe/@: a calm box-breathing animation
- @/primes/@: finding happy little prime numbers
- @/hex/pad.html hexpad@ for practicing hex/binary conversions
  (@/hex/hexpad.html code@ and @/hex/hex.html shared code@ with @/hex/@)
- @/hex/rgb.html@: some colors (drawn with hexagons)
@|wikigol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life@

== bashhax
a couple little bash scripts
- morse (@/bash/morse plaintext@; @/bash/morse.html html view@):
  translate stdin to morse code, and flash it out on a laptop's backlight
- wp_cycle (@/bash/wp_cycle plaintext@; @/bash//wp_cycle.html html view@):
  set the desktop wallpaper(s) with the images in a directory.

== workshop
broken, unfinished, or partial toys, for the curious:
- @/audio/@: playing with javascript's audio libraries
- @/lisp/@: a small/simple (no backticks) lisp in javascript
- @/css/@: for manipulating stylesheets in javascript
- @/on/css.html@ for controlling class membership
- @/czm/@: crazed notmaze driving not-a-game
- @/collatz/@: visualizing a collatz graph (@/collatz/collatz.html code@)
- @/touch/@: helper functions for touch events
  (@/touch/index.html demo@; @/touch/intro.html intro@; @/touch/touch.html code@)
- @/path/@: SVG path editor (touch only)
- @/dj/@: idjit's dijits
- @/bitwit/@: it appears to run on some form of electricity
- @/sudoku/@: solves sudoku puzzles
- @/sw/@: stopwatch

= notes
== the back button is for navigation
quick heads up: the browser's back button is not an undo button.
most toys here will lose progress/state if the page is reloaded.
some pages (like the correspondance games) can use your browser's
  @|mdn_ls localStorage@ to survive a page reload.
this does not work in private/incognito browser windows
  and must be enabled by using page options.
@|mdn_ls https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window/localStorage@

== enable javascript
almost all pages on this site require javascript.
most things should work in most browsers,
  but some things require a touchscreen,
  and nothing is expected to work in IE.

== say hi
to send feedback, sign up for Cat of the Day, or say "hi",
  please email @mailto:hi\@idk.lol hi\@idk.lol@.
if you have questions, you might find an answer @/faq/ here@.
(if you still have questions, feel free to send a message.)

= ***
source code on this site is "open", in that it is published,
  but it is not "free" to copy/distribute without permission.
please contact @mailto:code\@idk.lol code\@idk.lol@ to report bugs,
  suggest improvements, request changes, or ask about licensing details.

standard disclaimers apply: everything is "as is"; no warranties of any kind;
  if anything works, it is entirely by accident; use at your own risk;
  side effects of reading, using, or running this code may include
  (but are not limited to) headache, confusion, and dizziness;
  choking hazard; not considered safe for chidren or adults;
  may contain nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, shellfish, penicillin, latex, bees,
  and substances known to cause cancer in the state of california.

last updated 2022-07-01